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    Extremely Slow Provisioning


      Good Morning All -


      I ran a provisioning task yesterday afternoon.  I started the task at 3:58 P.M., the final install had a execution time of 4:51 A.M. that is almost 13 hours!!!!!


      Looking at the provisioning history, it looks like everything works great until I start hitting my System Configuration tasks.  I have 6 installs in this group, they are, Configure Agent, UltraVNC, PowerPoint Viewer, Access Runtime, Adobe Reader, and Java install.


      Here us my Provisioning Task Template:

      I have a Desktop Template that I schedule to run, inside this template I include 2 templates, they are my Default HII template, and a Change Apps template (These are applications that update frequently).  Default HII has the standard Pre-OS Install, OS Install, and Post-OS install files.  Change Apps template includes the 6 templates that I noted in the above paragraph.


      Now each of those 6 templates are created using a Software Distribution Package that was created within LANDesk.  Now when I run the packages by themselves, they normally take abou 3-5 minutes for the install to complete.  But once I run them through Provisioning, it starts taking a couple of hours to run the installs.


      Any help would be greatly appricated.

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          Sedejong - You will need to have a look at the delivery method that Provisioning uses. Take a look in the public delivery methods\Policy\"Always listed for Installation". You will probably see that the applications you are deploying are copying down to the local machine before installing (use download from source to deploy files) - hence the long wait for apps to install..


          I changed this delivery method to run from source and it now works a lot faster..


          As a side note, we are using LDMS9 so not sure if it's the same in 8.8....


          Hope that helps