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    query for a registry change

    BryanS Apprentice

      I'm building a distribution package to make a registry change on clients.  I'd like to have some way of tracking that the client has received the registry change.  Ideally, I'd like a value entered in the machine's inventory that can be queried against, maybe store the date that the change was made or a binary value saying it was done..... I've never used custom forms for anything and don't know if they might be useful for this.  I don't think there is any way of querying for the presense of a registry value but maybe there's another way... even creating a flag file on the hard drive and querying for the presence of that file?



      I'm planning to store the registry change in a .reg file and use a batch file to copy that reg file to the local client and then execute the reg file.  I'd like to use a batch file distribution package to impliment this.