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    Management Gateway Appliance?



      Is anyone using the new gateway appliance yet?  I am very interested to know of your experiences with it.












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          bhadzik Apprentice

          We installed the first one shipped last week. It has a slightly different interface than the normal installed version. Still very easy to install and configure.

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            Good to hear that it is easy to install.  Have you received any feedback on using it?

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              Very easy to install.  It has a lot of new features that the old gateway software does not. 


              It has built in RAID 1, have the ability to back up the system settings, block low encryption, reboot/shutdow remotely, block services, whitelist addresses, allows 1000 additional connections, restore to factory settings if a failure happens, and a non media install.

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                CraigMiddelstadt Master

                You also have the ability to download and apply updates for the gateway from within the Admin Interface.

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                  Thanks everybody...Looks like I was able to convince the boss to go for it.









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                    We just got done installing our appliance. My only complaints are that for the money you don't get that powerful of a box and no redundant power supply. Fortunately you don't need that powerful of a box.The rails are a little tricky, but work great once you get it all figured out.


                    Other than that I love it, the new interface looks nice, you can update right from the console, and there is a partition to reload the OS if you ever need to start over from scratch.



                    Got everything up and running on our core and tested connection without a single issue.

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                      I just got my appliance yesterday.  Setup was great.



                      Remote control works perfectly!



                      I can't get any software to distribute through it though. 



                      I guess I've got a lot to learn. 






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                        CraigMiddelstadt Master

                        If your client was installed before posting the gateway certificate to the core, then the hash file on the client will not have the gateway information in it.

                        On the Core Server, go to Configure -> Management Gateway.  Put in the correct informaiton for the gateway and post the certificate to the gateway.

                        Make sure the LANDesk Gateway service on the core server is running after this is done.

                        Then either push out the client again or grab the modified ".0" file from the Core (C:\program files\landesk\shared files\keys) and copy it to the certs folder on the client (C:\program files\landesk\shared files\cbaroot\certs).

                        Delete the contents of the broker folder under CBARoot.

                        Run brokerconfig.exe from the LDCLient folder and make sure it is set to go through the gateway mode.

                        Enter in a user that is in the LANDesk Managment Suite group on the core server and request the certificate.

                        Once you have the certificate, attempt to run software distribution jobs to this machine.

                        Note, everything to gateway clients is pull-based, so if you schedule a push, it will fail if the core can't get to it localling.


                        Hope this helps.

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                          I'm sure it has something to do with my distribution package or method.  I can click on policy, the policy shows up, then it automatically fails.






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                            Are you doing a plain policy or a policy supported push? If it's a policy supported push you would see if fail because you can't push a package through the gateway, only pull it. So if you are using policy supported, it's ok that it fails, but if you go to your client and run "policy based delivery" from the start menu, that should pull the package through the gateway.