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    All Provisioning Tasks failing

    Ironman Apprentice

      Any Provisioning task I assign to a device fails with the same error stating - "error:[80001000H]File ExecuteHandler.exe not found."


      This is the Provisioning log from C:\ldprovision folder on the Device:


      2010-04-23 14:02:10(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:ldProvision started
      2010-04-23 14:02:11(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:download prerequisite files OK
      2010-04-23 14:02:11(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:waiting for ProvisionGUI.exe to start. timeout is 10 minutes.
      2010-04-23 14:02:12(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:ProvisionGUI.exe start OK
      2010-04-23 14:02:27(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:Call web service GetTaskXml()
      2010-04-23 14:02:27(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:download template OK
      2010-04-23 14:02:27(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:handle session data OK
      2010-04-23 14:02:27(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:begin process actions
      2010-04-23 14:02:28(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:Launching action handler [SmbShareHandler.exe] with parameters ["SmbShareHandler.exe"]
      2010-04-23 14:02:28(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:Call web service SetActionStatus()
      2010-04-23 14:02:28(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:Caught exception in main: code=80001000H, file=.\HandlerRunner.cpp, line=237
      2010-04-23 14:02:28(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:Call web service GetStatusString()
      2010-04-23 14:02:29(768-5384) ldProvision.exe:Call web service SetActionStatus()


      Anyone have an idea what could be the problem?

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          cplatero SupportEmployee

          Just in case someone else runs into this...  The executehandler.exe was missing from the \\<coreserver>\ldlogon\provisioning\windows directory.  This can happen if ldprovision.exe is launched locally on the server from that location (not Chis's doing).  When ldprovision exits it tries to clean up after itself.  If you have a need to launch ldprovison.exe locally on the core, copy it into a seperate directory.  It will copy over any needed files as it runs and will usually clean up afterwards.

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            KrisBultinck Apprentice



            New to LANDesk and using the ldprovision.exe to install a large sequence of software with several reboots.

            I start the "ldprovision.exe" from the "ldlogon\provisioning\windows"


            I am suffering from the fact that al my handler.exe are being deleted from this share.



            So I am very happy to find this message.

            So using it directly from the server is not the best idea...

            But what is the best approach?


            How am i supposed to start "ldprovision.exe" process on my clients ( winXp/Win7 ).


            Thanks for the help.

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              cplatero SupportEmployee

              You can copy ldprovision.exe from the core to the workstation and place it into it's own directory, then launch it.  This will allow you to select the template and any needed handler files will be copied down to the directory with ldprovision.exe in it.


              You can also schedule this template from the console.  Right-click on the template and select "Schedule".

              This will create a scheduled task with that template.  Drag your targets to the task and start it up.  This will automate the creation of the ldprovision directory on your client and start the provisioning task.