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    LDMS 9.0 Provisioning Process


      In LDMS 9.0 provisiong tasks, is the entire process copied to the local machine before starting? This would include downloading the agent installation, image itself, applications, drivers, etc and then run? Or does it copy the different components from the network on the fly?


      I am trying to figure out a way to deploy a Windows 7 installation with driver detection to a DVD for deployment on remote machines. These remote machines are low bandwidth, so copying a full image to them over the network is not possible.

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          Someone from LANDesk could explain this further but each task is completed one by one.


          Image Deployment - Pulls the Image from the Network.


          Driver Deployment - Drivers are Copied down to the local machine


          Software Deployment - This is basically a software distribution task. However your distribution method is configured will be the way the software is deployed.


          For the other things, (script wise) I have these copied locally to the machine and run.



          I will let someone else further elaborate.


          One other note: I was looking at the Unattend.xml file that LANDesk provides. It appears that in the beginning of the file there is this command:


                  <PathAndCredentials wcm:keyValue="1" wcm:action="add">



          I'm not sure if this is where the HII drivers are copied to.

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            Paul - you are right - these drivers are copied to c:\windows\LDDriverStore




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              Thank you for this information. I am familiar with adding drivers to the Windows 7 image. I am curious how you force Windows 7 to do a plug and play detection during one of the pases. Whether it is "Audit System" or "oobe System", etc. Then when it detects new hardware, it uses the "DriverPaths" location for the driver files.