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    Status of sysprep.exe at the end of a scripted install


      Hi there!


      I am trying to do a fully automated creation of a master image - still Windows XP.


      So, kicked of with repartitioning, went into a scripted install and resumed the task afterwards - thanks to provisioning. After some configuration, the task should execute sysprep.exe -mini -reseal -quiet .... and finish.


      Well, it will...but the provisioning task is not getting the result of the sysprep.exe command, leaving a question mark in the history and not finishing the task correctly.


      Tried to do a sysprep.exe -mini -reseal -quiet -noreboot and a seperate shutdown afterwards. BUT: still the tasks hangs at sysprep! Although sysprep.exe got called and finishes the provisioning task seems not to be able to see the finished process and not getting any result from it. For that it never reaches the shutdown.


      Very annoying. What can I do to get around it?


      Kind regards