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    Schedule Task and Queries


      Landesk 8.8 SP3 on Windows Server 2003 SP2 using SQL 2005 SP3


      I do almost all of my distributions tasks with a query.  I've been noticing that after a task runs, the objects populated by the query turns into the actual inventory object and not the one based on the query (because it fell out of the query) For example, I have an LDAP query to push patches via a Microsoft group. After the task is complete the computer is automatically removed from the Microsoft group. This allows for a self-service portal where users can schedule their servers to be updated and the options they select populate the appropriate group, then once the server gets patched it is removed from the group.


      The problem is when that reoccuring tasks kicks off again. The LDAP query mentioned above will populate the correct objects, which is good, but since previous objects populated from the query get converted, they too get the task started on them because when you check the "Repeat Every:" box, the option automatically greys out the option for 'Only devices which did not succeed' and forces it to 'All'. While I'm minorly annoyed with tasks getting forced to 'All', it shouldn't matter because I'm using a query. But since the query is turning the targetted object from a query based one to the actual inventory object... I'm kind of in the same position.


      So, the question is... why the hell on a completed task based on a query does the computer object get converted?