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    Deploying Office 2007 through LANDesk









      I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before? The issue is with performing an upgrade of office 2003 to office 2007. I seem to be having a large number of failures 50-90% when deploying office 2007 to 2 or more computers at the same time.  Installing to just 1 computer is always successful (100%), but 2+ always leads to a large failure percentage. The logs indicate that the package is not getting downloaded fully and fails along with Hash errors, but 1 computer always manages to successfully install Office 2007. This issue occurs whether I'm using a UNC share or a webshare.






      The UNC Share package and the Webshare package are on different servers. Both are configured to download first and then run.






      Office 2007 is customized with a MSP file in the updates folder. I'm not using config.xml






      The Distribution method is an "emergency distribution" that downloads Office 2007 to the sdmcache and then runs. No bandwith throttling is enabled.






      I have gone through the great advice given at  http://forum.landesk.com/archive/index.php/t-9341.html






      Just downloading Office 2007 using Multicast to the sdmcache gives the same failure rate.






      Have not tried "Run from source" delivery method, but do not really want to.






      Have not created any batch/vbscript to download office 2007 and run, or run from network share.






      Any advise would be appreciated.






      Justin Bonner



      Landesk Administrator



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          Here's a couple of things to try:



          1 - Try creating a whole new distribution method.  Let's see if there is an issue with the one you are using.  I would suggest unchecking and 0'ing out all of the bandwidth options and just then do a download from source.






          2 - Rather than continually fighting with the SWD package, you could write a custom script that calls "REMEXEC100=
          Share\O2k7\Setup.exe /adminfile answerfile.msp".  This would basically be the same thing as run from source in a SWD delivery method, but without the file hashing.  It's not as secure, but if you are just trying to get the package down and installed on the clients, it would be the best option.  Just make sure that Domain Computers have read access to the share where the package is stored.






          Hope this helps.






          Jake Ballamis



          LANDesk Support



          OSD/Software Distribution



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            Tracy Expert








            What errors do you get in te SDClient_task log on a failed client? Does a failed client get any files in SDMCache? What OS does the package share have? Are there any connection limits to the share? What bandwidth settings are you using? "Limit remote downloads to one per subnet"?









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              I took a glance at the log files and I am seeing that SDClient is failing to download a series of files.



              Can you try hitting http://SERVERNAME/packages/MSOffice2007/Admin/ko-kr/onent12.opa from the client machine?  If you can, check the taskmanifest file on the client with the hash that is on that file and see if they match.  The hash will appear at the end of the name in log file in parentheses (IE SES6cLpJo0CyS0f2txCBng==).



              Another thing to check for on the client is in the SDMCache folder, do the files start a partial download?  The partially downloaded files should start with a @@partial.  If there is a partial download, how big is it?









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                I cannot connect to http://+SERVERNAME+/packages/MSOffice2007/Admin/ko-kr/onent12.opa, but I can connect to http://+SERVERNAME+/packages/MSOffice2007/Admin/ko-kr/






                Not sure what you mean by check the taskmanifest file on the client with the hash that is on that file and see if they match. I attached one of the sdclient logs that failed.









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                  Tracy Expert

                  Hey Justin,


                  Did you copy the Office file to the share from CD? I have seen many times before where the files will retain the Hidden and/or Read only file attributes, which will keep the webserver from presenting them properly. Go to the share and select all files and check the properties for those attributes.









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                    Another thing to check are the MIME types for your Virtual Directory and/or Default Web Site in IIS to make sure they have a .* MIME type.   You can access this by right clicking on the IIS object, going to properties, then click on the HTTP Headers tab, then the MIME Types button.  If you do not see a .* MIMI Type, then create new one that says .* for the extension and then Application/Octet Stream for the MIME Type.



                    Also, as Tracy said, let's make sure that you do not have any hidden attributes on the share.  This can definitely cause issues, as IIS cannot see hidden files.









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                      Also, Justin, did you check to see if you had any partial file downloads in the SDMCache folder?

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                        Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                        Sounds like you created an Administrative installation point?  Is that case? 


                        If so, that is not the best way.  Let me explain why.


                        The installation files on the CD are nice and cabbed up so instead of 5000+ files you have less than two hundred files.   However, once you make an administrative installation point, you have so many files and so many different file extensions to deal with it is just not really easy to deploy from a Web Share


                        You can use a UNC Share and a Run From Source delivery method just fine but you said, "I don't really want to."


                        So check how many files you have.  If it there are thousands of files, it is an administrative installation point.  If it is less, it is just a copy of the CD.


                        If you really want to use and Administrative installation point, and you don't want to use a Run from source delivery method, then your best option would be to get a tool to create self-extracting executables and create a self-extracting executable of the entire administrative installation point.  Most self-extracting executables can launch the installation too, but if you don't have one you can always use a batch file to unzip then run the install.

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                          Hi Tracy,






                          Thanks for the help, but I already applied ATTRIB -H /S /D to the webshare.



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                            Hi Jake,



                            I checked the mime headers for the webshare/website and ".*" is listed at the top.



                            Great suggestion though.






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                              Hi Jake,






                              Performed a search of the SdmCache\packages folder for anything that says "partial" and nothing was found.









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                                What happens when you move the package inside of the LDLogon folder and then attempt to deploy from there?  This would likely rule out any permissions issues on the package.



                                Another question:  That file that I asked you to check earlier, can you hit that from another client?  How about from the core?  Does it succeed if we use UNC as opposed to HTTP?



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                                  Hi Rhyous,



                                  I checked both location where I keep Office 2007. 1 is a UNC share and the other is a webshare. Both location contain 242 files. I also remebering seing Landesk trying to copy 242 files in the logs.



                                  Thanks for the idea.






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                                    Tracy Expert

                                    I think we are getting sidetracked here. As long as you cannot hit http://SERVERNAME/packages/MSOffice2007/Admin/ko-kr/onent12.opa from a browser outside of LANDesk, this is never going to work. One the HTTP access works, LANDesk should be good to go.



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