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    Related Problem ID placeholders within Incident ID




      I have the option of "Create Related Problem" from within the Incident Process, this is basically "create problem", what placeholder is needed to send the end user an email saying something along the lines of "Incident {Id} has been added to Problem {??Id??}.


      I know its part of the IncidentProblem field but I cannot workout a placeholder for the life of me.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Ian,


          You're correct in that you need to use the IncidentProblems relationship.  The placeholder you need is {IncidentProblems/Problem/Id}.  You can also access other attributes such as the problem title using {IncidentProblems/Problem/Title}.


          Be aware that if you have multiple problems attached to the same incident it may not always know which problem to reference (ie. it'll likely always reference the first problem added).