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    Provisioning Systems






      I wonder if any one can shed any light on my question below?



      1. We have 3 systems, 1 of the systems goes down and we send a provisiong job to bring it back up by installing the OS, can the install files be on one of the other 2 machines? ie I386, drivers any software we need installing. It would be alot quicker rebuilding the system on the local network the systems are on instead of going across the WAN to get the files.












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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I'd say "it depends" ... I'm suspecting you use SYSPREP, since you're talking i386 driver directories. Even though this doesn't matter so much really.


          The tricky thing you need to think about is how you can make the 'server access' generic - and whether this is something you want to do at most/all times.


          I will expect that you have multiple sites, from your statement.


          Something you could work with are DNS-alias'es - i.e. you come up with a "provisioning only" DNS-alias (per site) such as "ProvDrivers" and then perform a copy for the drivers - that way you can have DNS do the dynamic resolution for you, while you don't have a real LANDesk client on the boxes. This does assume though that your DNS is fine and dandy.


          Hope that helps.



          For more information on those, look here:


          Q198409 (part 2/3) - http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q198/4/09.ASP

          "Microsoft DNS Server Registry Parameters"

          Under the header LocalNetPriority, this article describes "address sorting" as implemented in the current NT DNS server.


          The registry parameters are spread across Q198408, Q198409 and Q198410.


          Q177883 - http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb%3ben-us%3b177883

          "DNS Server Stops Using Round Robin for Host Name Resolution"

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            bnelson Employee


            The short answer is Yes.



            The location of the files only matters if you fail to have adequate permissions to the directories and shares. Ensure you are storing the OS installation and application packages in a share that the script can access and it doesn't matter where you keep them. That is one reason I love provisioning. You can script out ANYTHING you want to do.