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    Notify Assignee not working




      I have set up a reminder that follows an off hold action in my change management process. I have set up both 'Notify Originator' and 'Notify Assignee' check boxes which have a runtime value specified as 'Change/Change Off Hold Collection[]/Notify Originator' & 'Change/Change Off Hold Collection[]/Notify Assignee' respectively. However, the notify originator works but the notify assignee does not.


      What factors could affect this? They both seems to be set up exactly the same. And I also have an Off Hold reminder that works fine elsewhere in the process. It seems to be set up exactly the same as this one!


      Many thanks for any insight,



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          On the reminder make sure the current group and current user assignees are copied into the equivalent fields on the reminder using value types.  I agree setting the check box should be the only thing required, but ....

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            Hi Dave,


            Thanks, it is working in my process now. I also need to get it working within a scheduled bulk action but when I open the Window Data for the Add Reminder action, I cannot set value types in the same way.


            Is there any way around this?





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              An excellent question.  I think the answer is not directly, but ... create a new wrapper action called 'Nag' and use this in your process followed by a reminder just like you are for other remidners.  Then your bulk action/scheduled action can use the nag action and the process engine will issue the reminder and that can use values types (as you know!)