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    Partition Failed


      Just upgraded to Landesk 9. Went throuh my normal checks to make sure everything is working and cannot get landesk to image any machines. Everything worked great at 8.8 sp3a.


      I keep getting the following:


        Connect to core:

      Loading Template....

      Action index = 59284 type= Partition


      error:[80001803H]The action failed.

      Execute result:




      I am not sure if i need to change something in my OS deployment?? Any help would be great  

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          I think you should post this to the Provisioning sub-forum, for it's pure provisioning not OSD (at least up to this point).


          Anyway, I think I've seen it on our machines before, but can not translate the error. What are you going to do: create image or restore image?


          If it is restore, try this:


          Go into WinPE by your favorite way and do diskpart -> clean. If there are any problems, see if WinPE has the nessasery drivers installed by calling diskpart, the a list disk, maybe followed by a sel disk 0 and det disk. This should show some result - or that WinPE can't find drivers for the disk controller. Then try again.


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