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    Sending Attachments through Service Desk




      Is it possible to send attachments to raise users, assignees from within an Incident?


      For example, if a word document is attached to an Incident, we want to either send an update through notify raise user with something attached to the Incident for support or as a reference. It would also be good if we could do it from Resolutions too.


      Many Thanks

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          It is possible to successfully setup sending of attachments from a process, but it requires triggers to get it to work. Basically, there is a field in tps_user_message which is called tps_attachment which is an xml data type. There is a further table called tps_attachment_data which contains the guid and a hexadecimal field which records the attachment data. If you have an attachment stored in tps_attachment_data then you can generate the XML required using a trigger and populate the tps_attachment field in tps_user_message.


          Obviously it does require scripting which is not supported...


          This should help to get on track.


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