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    Portal in V.7.3


      Is the Service Portal still available for Analysts to use from 7.3 upwards?


      I know there is the new WebDesk component, but we have integrated the logon to Service Portal via our own intranet portal, so would like to maintain this for a period after upgrading from 7.25.

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          Hi ilindsay,


          Yes, the ServicePortal is still available for analysts in 7.3x. (I use 7.3.2).




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            It is correct in 7.3 there is a new component called WebDesk which is a new web application for analyst only.


            Service portal still exist even in 7.3 (and onward) as end user can only raise incident using service portal.


            The main difference if you upgrade, it will give you the opportunity to access the console via a web interface called Web Desk. Note that Webdesk does not provide all facilities of the console.


            This should clarify your confusion in 7.3.

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              aparker Employee

              Please be clear that Web Desk does not currently offer all of the functionality that is available in console. The 7.4 product release will add a new layer of functionality to Web Desk that will bring it more closely alligned to console.