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    Query for Tickets to Exclude Certain Support Groups


      Is there any way to create a ticket that will exclude the results of any tickets that have been assigned to certain support groups in the ticket lifetime?


      I.e. I want to return a list of tickets that have NOT been with the Desktop Support teams.


      The converse of this would also work. If there is a way to add criteria to reports or queries that will return tickets which have only been with certain groups that would work too.


      I.e. If we wanted to return a list of tickets that had ONLY been with Helpdesk for example.


      I have been trying to create this query for a while using both reports creation and query creation and trying to use the assignment.group.title and "Is not one of" in the report but it still returns tickets that have been assigned to those groups.


      If anyone could offer assistance, or put me out of my misery and tell me it cannot be done, I would be grateful.


      Many Thanks,


      Anthony Mitchell

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          I think so yes.  Write your query against the incident assignment object instead of incident.  That way your list wull have just the assignments that have been made during the lfietime of your incident.  Then use a criteria to include.exclude the ones you want.

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            I wish it were that simple Dave, I've tried that method and it appeared to work until I noticed that some of the tickets it was raising did have assignments to the groups I didn't want and it was just ignoring those assignments. If I give a little more of what I'm looking for. What we're trying to make is a query that will give a list of closed tickets that were fixed by First Line only to get a percentage of total tickets fixed at first line. All tickets are initially assigned to first line in an automated assignment when the ticket is opened to minimise orphaned tickets and from there first line have to assign the ticket on or close the ticket. As a result using your method (as I've tried) brings up every ticket logged (makes our figures look fantastic but unfortunately not correct ). There are a series of queues that only first line access; "Awaiting Further Information" and "Customer Contacted" are two of these so we would be looking for any tickets that had been in First Line, or the other two as above, but NOT in any other queue. I don't know if this is actually possible, but I'm really hoping it is.


            If anyone has any suggestions here they would be gratefully received.


            Many Thanks,


            Anthony Mitchell