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    thoughts on SATA compatibility modes + WinPE


      *the nature of this discussion is troubleshooting WinPE when it comes to BIOS configurations for the HDC*


      So I am getting started with LDMS 9.0 and familiarizing myself with the disk imaging process with this product; I have managed to create and deploy a disk image on a single platform and I am now trying to port that image to a new platform and experiencing problems getting the 2nd platform to load WinPE.  I'd like to get some comments on how to troubleshoot problems getting WinPE to work.


      The 2nd platform is an Asus 1005HA netbook which uses an Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller and the Intel 82801G SATA Controller.


      To date I have successfully managed this platform using WinPE and the Ghost Solution Suite; however I can't get WinPE to load when pushed from LDMS 9.0 without making changes to the BIOS on the machine.  Using the same configuration I have used all year WinPE will never progress past the animated splash screen; the WinPE image loads fine and begins to boot but never completes.  I never see the WinPE GUI.


      ***If I get into the system BIOS and change the HDC config to put SATA mode into IDE, rather than AHCI, WinPE will load just fine.


      I have injected the most current HDC drivers into the WinPE image and updated my PXE representative; no change in the behavior; I have not found other ICH7 drivers for the Intel 82801G controller so I have not been able to try multiple HDC drivers...



      My questions are these:  "is my problem related to the HDC in my WinPE image and do I need to try another one?  What other changes should I be making to my WinPE image so that I can use it with the SATA mode left in its standard AHCI mode?"

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          bump for an answer; anyone? Bueller?

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            It seems there is an AMD SATA driver that is not included in the latest WinPE.


            Locate the following drivers (from ASUS support I guess) and inject those into your image:

            • ahcix86.inf and ahcix86.sys


            If you are already injecting these and it is not working, check:




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              I can't understand why you think an AMD SATA driveris missing when my Asus computer has an INTEL-branded controller-it isn't an AMD.


              Also, I pulled down and injected the Asus-provided drivers to no avail before I posted here; I also confirmed that the .inf and .sys file you pointed out were not in the Asus download.


              I read the document you pointed to in your post; I'll see if I can find the correct device listed in my WinPE package...but if I download the only one provided by my equipment manufacturer and it doesn't work then I'm pretty well stuffed.  I couldn't find another download on the intel site or any other.

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                EMiranda Expert

                what version of WinPE were you using GSS? The version with LANDesk 9.0 now uses Vista 32-bit drivers, so make sure you are using those and those only. A quick look at the Asus site, there is not a vista driver listed, so you might have to go on a hunt to find the correct vista driver (if there is even one).  but that is most likely why you are not booting up in AHCI mode, It usually comes down to the driver on the controller.

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                  I was using whatever version of WinPE shipped with GSS 2.5...can't recall what version it was.

                  I do know that I was loading 32-bit drivers on the network side of the equation; I thought the HDC drivers I was loading in that environment were also 32-bit-could I be wrong?  Ins't WinPE a 32-bit environment that requires 32-bit only drivers?

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                    EMiranda Expert

                    Vista is the key here, LANDesk 9.0 specifically uses WinPE 2.1 which is built on the Vista kernel. So using xp drivers will not work, using Win7 drivers will not work (although on rare occasions they might work).  I believe as long as you get yourself verified Vista 32-bit drivers for your hardware, WinPE will work.

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                      Okay, to be clear:  I never used WinXP drivers in WinPE.  I didn't do this because obviously this doesn't make sense.


                      The drivers that worked for WinPE when I was using Ghost didn't work when I moved over to LDMS 9.0.  I can't remember where I got the drivers, but I tried to use them again and they didn't work.  For what its worth the version of WinPE used by LDMS 9.0 is v3.0, I think.



                      -anyway, I downloaded new 32-bit Win7 drivers from Asus...injected them into my new WinPE package and they don't work either.


                      There is no point in discussing Vista drivers from Asus because they don't supply them for my computer...



                      -any other thoughts?

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                        EMiranda is exactly right.  We use WinPE 2.1, and it is built on the Vista x86 kernel.  The only drivers that will work are Vista 32-bit drivers.

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                          EMiranda Expert

                          I don't know what else to tell you, I can assure you that LANDesk 9.0 WinPE is not 3.0, that is Windows 7 codebased PE.  LANDesk WinPE is version 2.1 which is Vista SP1 codebase.  Just because Asus doesn't list and provide Vista drivers, does not mean that there are not Vista drivers for the Intel chipset you are trying to find.  I'm trying to lead you on the right track..but it seems you don't want to believe me...

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                            Its not that I don't believe you or appreciate your efforts, its just that your suggestions are not all that relevant.



                            Per your initial post:  AMD Drivers?  well its an Intel Chipset, not AMD


                            Per my original post:  in reference to dirvers other than those on the Asus site:  "I have not found other ICH7 drivers for the Intel 82801G controller so I have not been able to try multiple HDC drivers..."



                            Today, right now, I have only two drivers.  The Win7 drivers from Asus and some other unknown drivers that worked with an earlier version of WinPE.  Short of someone offering up a link to some specific drivers I have not tried, I'm running thin on options.


                            -thanks for the clarification on the WinPE version for LDMS 9.0, by the way.




                            Perhaps I can steer back to my original post to answer the underlying question:  'besides exchanging drivers in my WinPE image and entering a HDC compatibility mode within the bios of a given system, are there any other options available to me to affect a boot of a system that won't boot into WinPE?'


                            -does anyone believe that I won't suffer later by simply leaving these machines in the compatibility mode once I get the O/S loaded?  For example, will Win7 performance suffer if the HDC is set to IDE mode instead of SATA mode in the bios?  Will I need to use a dumbed down IDE driver for the HDC in Win7 if I do this?