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    LDMS9: OSD Copy and Paste Functions?


      Can some please clarify this for me?


      How does the copy and paste function work in OSD?  I would like to make multiple copies of an existing winpe deployment task, tweak each one individually and save with a different name. I don't want to continually go back and edit a single task.


      I only get the Copy context on right clicked objects underneath the "My OSD Group Members" folder.  Then there is a greyed out Paste context if I right-click the "My OSD ..." folder itself.


      I feel like this has worked in the past.  Am I wrong or am I using this wrong?  The LDMS9 User Guide is no help.


      I also created a ftest older underneath the "My OSD..." folder while monkeying around and there is no option to delete it.  Does anyone know how to get rid of this folder?


      Thanks for any assistance.

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          I had the same problem when I was recreating my OSD Scripts. The only way I could make multiple copies was to go to All OSD Scripts, open an existing script that you want to copy, rename it to a different name, and click save. I believe at that point it will create new scripts with the new name. You can then click and drag the updated script a folder of your choice. I think it just creates a pointer to the original script. If you delete the pointer, the script will stay in All OSD Scripts. You will need to manually delete it from All OSD Scripts to delete it fully.


          I haven't figured out a way to delete a created folder. I just renamed it to something I actually wanted to use.


          I don't remember this being this way in 8.8 either. I could be wrong. I banged my head over this for a few hours last month.


          You're right. The LDMS9 Guide doesn't help out much with specifics. I don't think copy and paste works at all. LANDesk really should remove the options if they don't work or better yet, fix them. It's too confusing.


          Maybe a LANDesk Rep could chime in?

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            Thanks for the assist.  It worked by editing and saving as a different name.


            I'd still like to delete the test folder though.


            It would be nice to hear from LD if this is a known issue and whether it will be fixed in future releases.

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              The folder thing in OSD is a bug, I opened a ticket with LD and received the following reply.


              "This issue is with engineering already. I don't have an ETA on a patch for this yet."