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    Andy's How To... Guides

    aparker Employee

      Hi All,


      Having spent some time answering questions on the community and coming up with various design ideas, I thought I'd start a thread that contained some formalised descriptions of the work that I have done. Some of these will have been as a direct result of customer requirements and some based on the product demos that I have done at UK user group meetings. Please feel free to add comments and maybe even ask for new ideas. I'm not sure how quickly I'll respond or how often I'll add new content, but I'll try to do it as frequently as possible.


      I'm sure there will be some content that is referenced elsewhere on the community and I don't profess to be the sole font of this knowledge as along the way I have had much assistance from a variety of sources, not least of all Stu and Lara in the PSE team, my Pre-Sales colleagues and venerable sages such as Dave Medland Slater from the other side of the world, so thanks to you all and I hope that you'll be able to find something useful here.



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          aparker Employee

          Adding A Service Based Approach To LDSD


          This document is designed to show how you can go about introducing the ITILv3 service based concepts into LANDesk Service Desk. The document covers a wide range of ideas that can be implemented using the standard product toolset. Some of this has been shown at user group meetings and some of the ideas here will be implemented in a more formal way as part of the 7.4 release of LDSD later this year.


          As with all of these contributions, this is not a definitive guide, just my considered thoughts and design.



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            aparker Employee

            Creating A Portal Notice Board


            Will be here soon....

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              aparker Employee

              Adding A Watch List


              This document shows you how you can add the concept of a watch list to your Incident process by way of a Task process. The concept of having Incident that you want to watch that are not owned by you is a common one and by use of some additional process design and queries, we can build a design that allows any number of analysts to tag Incidents as watched.

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                aparker Employee

                Referencing External Knowledge From Articles


                This document introduces some ideas on how you can make use of external knowledge sources through the normal Article functionality in LDSD. It introduces some ideas for making creation and searching of knowledge simpler without losing the hard work that many people have put in to capturing knowledge in sources such as SharePoint and wikis.

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                  Re: Adding a Watch List


                  Hi Andy,


                  I followed your guide on this however I'm having a problem with the process design section and the new task window I have created for this.

                  When adding the 'add task' option to the process as directed I have the default task window popping up, along with it's mandatory fields such as group and analyst. Is there an easy way to make the process use the new task window when using the 'watch' action but the default task window for other tasks in this process?


                  Sorry If I'm missing something obvious here, any help appreciated.

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                    aparker Employee

                    Hi Darren,


                    Yes, there are a couple of things. First, you need to go back into Window Manager and go to the View Rules section at the bottom. In there, create a rule thae links the new Watch Window with the Task object when the process being used is the Watching process. That will make sure that any time the task is opened it will show the correct window.


                    The second is that you will find that the first time you drag the Add Task action onto the process design, it will assume the default process is being used and show that window. If you temporarily make the Watch process the default then it will display the window we want. What you also need to remember is to set the properties of the task to run the correct process once saved and also to reset the default process back to what it was.


                    Hope that makes sense?



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                      That's got it working, cheers for the help Andy, appreciated.

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                        Anita.Carr Apprentice

                        Hi Andy,


                        Thank you for the guide on Creating a Watch list. We have now got this working on our test system (7.5). We are now looking to combine your task process with Dave's suggestion on adding a CC recipient and leaving the watch open even after the incident is closed as it is often the resolution that the watchers are after. What I am having issues with is basic query design. I have created a My Watch list query based on the task incident object and of course when you open an entry in the list you get the task window. What I actually want to do is open the incident itself. Is there is an easy way to create the query or is it best to look at window design and views?


                        Any pointers would help.




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                          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                          Hi Anita


                          If the query is created in console you can set which object opens from the query result on the last page of the query design steps where it says "Launch Action".




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                            Anita.Carr Apprentice

                            Thank you Karen, I thought it might be a simple solution!

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                              Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup


                              Regarding Referencing External Knowledge From Articles, is this still valid for 7.5?  If so, have the handlers changed?

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                                aparker Employee

                                Hi Jamie,


                                I'll check and confirm for you.



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                                  dgoldbecker Rookie

                                  Hello Andy,


                                  I want to create the first condition (Is open) to add a watch Task

                                  (Task Status Equal to Open)


                                  But I'm not sure what I need to enter as a value.

                                  Could you please help me?



                                  Best regards




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                                    jasoncadman Expert

                                    Hi Andy

                                    Did you find and answer for RunURL handler? Judging by this Enhancement request it's out


                                    Incorporate RUNURL component in the mainstream release



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