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    Malwarebytes blocked


      I've recently installed Malwarebytes and it Freezes the entire System. The only way out is to force a Power Off via holding down the Power Button. Malwarebytes Support states certain files need to be excluded in whatever Anti-Virus software I'm running. I've made these changed and the Freeze still occurs. They said to contact Landesk to get additional help.......help!


      Please Reply...


      -George Toot Jr.

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          Our environment is somewhat the same: Malwarebytes/Landesk/McAfee.  

          I had to exclude the Malwarebytes executable from the McAfee scans.

          Two things to consider:

          1)You may consider excluding the entire folder structure (not just 1 or 2 files) for Malwarebytes. (the freezing part may be an issue with a buffer overflow)

          2) Check for an update on the Malwarebytes site.

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            The "Exclusions" have already been added to the Antivirus environment per Malwarebytes Support Staff. I excluded not only folders, but files as well. They also just updated their software, but it acts the same way.