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    PXE Boot Menu via DHCP Options?


      Hi all,


      i've a problem on one of my sites. I cannot use/change the ip-helper setting there to tell the clients where the pxeserver is located.

      So i tried to use the DHCP-Options 66&67 to do the job. But this isn't working as expected.


      Maybe you can help me here.


      Option 66 = IP Addr. of PXE-Server

      Option 67 = ???


      What do i have to put in here in order to bring up the "Press F8 to view menu prompt" when doing a networkboot (which is the default bios bootorder) ?


      I tried "x86pc\undi\wpemenu\startrom.0" which i read about here but the onsite admin says, that the test machine directly boots the winpe-image


      Thanks a lot,