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    New to OSD

    Dave.Ballard Rookie

      I'm very new to OSD and I've been having problems from the get go.  If anyone can point me in the right direction with documentation and some how to's, that would be great.


      I've been trying to use OSD to take an image of one of my development systems running Windows XP SP3 on VMware Server 2.0.  I'm using LANDesk 9.0 and each time I deploy the task to take the image, my system reboots to go into WinPE and then fails.  I've attached a screen shot of the error.  I'm assuming this is a driver issue with WinPE not being able to talk to the drive, which is an IDE drive in VMware.


      I've been unable to find any drivers to import into LANDesk to be used to test this.  Has anyone been able to succesfully take an image of a VM using LANDesk 9.0?





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          EMiranda Expert

          I have captured and deployed vm's with LANDesk 9 before.  I am using VMware Workstation and i had some similiar hard drive problems at first and I found that even though you specify IDE drives in your configuration that SCSI is still present which was giving me blue screens, errors etc.


          I actually had to open the .vmx file in notepad and edit the following line.


          By default is says - scsi0.present = "True", i edited it to scsi0.present = "FALSE"  and a lot of my hard drive issues went away.



          I'm not familiar with VMware Server, but you can check to see if you have the ability to edit the .vmx file and give it a shot.

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            Dave.Ballard Rookie

            Turns out the problem for us was related to our virus protection on our Core server.  It was blocking the server from building a proper WinPE boot image.  This was corrupting the WinPE boot image and causing all of our problems.  We are now able to use OSD without any problems.  So if anyone else is having similiar problems, check your virus protection.