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    Machine OFF - OS Deployment



      Hi Guys,






      I am expereincing some problems with Imaging and I had a few questions...



          When I click the boot menu to fire off an OSD script nothing happens.. I looked at the log file and noticed OFF next to the mac address. When i searched for this mac address in the database I saw 4 records for it. 3 saying they were in the holding que.. Once i deleted these this worked fine. This is ok for one machine but when im imaging 40+ machines and 15+ fail because the core sees them as off.. Thats when this becomes a problem. These are fresh machines which never scanned into the database before.  Is there a good query I can run to find all of these Mac addresses in the database? Should these machines show up in the database as being put into a holding que?



      What are some reasons for the core seeing the device as OFF?? 






      Thanks in advance.. 



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          Tracy Expert

          What version of LANDesk? Why type of imaging (DOS, WinPE, Linux)? Do you get the binoculars in the console when highliting the machine when it is in the pre boot environment? Has the Duplicate DeviceID detection been disabled on your core?



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            Hi Tracy..






            We are running SP3 and these machines show as online with the binoculars... Is there a query to run to find all of these  mac addresses which are added during a PXE boot? I ran a query for DEVICEID = Agentless and "Computer"."LANDesk Management"."PXE Holding Queue"."Proxy Host Name"  =  "" ..



            The same mac addresss shows up multiple times.. We are using WINPE .. Duplicate Device id is enabled. It happens at 11pm... Would this delete the Device ID's which are agentless ?






            Thanks Tracy. 



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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              You mentioned the problem yourself.


              There were four devices with the same MAC address.  Not sure how you pulled that one off, it isn't easy.  It is going to try to connect to the IP from the first one it found in the database.  If that IP Address was not responding, the machine is off.


              What you want to do is create a new Column Set that includes MAC address, then apply that Column set, then sort by the MAC Address column and then you can go down visually finding duplicates and deleting them.


              One you do that, you can prevent that from occuring going to these two places and making proper configurations:


              • Configure | Services | Inventory | Devices

              • Configure | Services | Inventory | Devices IDs


              You may also want to configure this value:


              • Configure | Services | Inventory |  Days to keep inventory scans


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                They are all put in the database at the same time... It should only be put in one time... Why is this happening.. ?

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                  Tracy Expert


                  Hmmmmm. wierd. You may want to go into the advanced inventory settings and turn on storescans. Then you can PXE a machine and see what info it is sending to the core and how many times. As far as the query goes, you could probably query off of something under "LANDesk MAnagement > PXE Holding Queue" like say "Proxy NIC Address"









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                    I noticed these failed machines are showing up with an IP of 3 times in the console.. They get an IP and boot into winpe fine and can ping the core. Why would they scan in with an ip of all 0's ?









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                      Tracy Expert

                      Is this happening on all machines, or just one type? Do all the entries have a different GUID (DeviceID)?







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                        It does not happen to all of the machines... Although there is not one perticular model which is doing it every time. Earlier today I imaged 30 machines and it happend to about 7 of them.What Ill do in this case is get the mac addys of these 7 machines and delete them out of landesk.. There are usually 3 mac address records for every machine which failed. The device ID for all is Agentless







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                          phoffmann SupportEmployee

                          For your information - USUALLY when you get back IP's of it means the NIC-driver that WinPE loads has a problem with the NIC - you may want to try the OEM's driver (download it from their site) - or if that doesn't work, the driver from the manufacturer (i.e. Broadcom* / Intel* / 3Com* and so on).


                          Also, since I assume you're talking LOM's (LAN On Motherboard), you may want to make sure you use the same BIOS version(s) - the Firmware for a LOM is included in the BIOS updates.


                          There is a possibility that the LOM chip(s) have been revved in between models (you should be able to see if the motherboards are a different revision based off their manufacturer's identification number) - this sort of stuff does happen quite a bit, and often involve changes to this component or that (LOM's being one of them). So you'll need to try and get a driver that works with those LOM's to resolve your issue.


                          Yes, this will include some "try and look" driver-testing, unfortunately. For some reason we tend to find that in some cases the 'latest' driver works great, but in others only a driver 2 or even 3 revisions down works. It's all more of an art than a science, regrettably.


                          Paul Hoffmann

                          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                            Thanks for the reply.. I dont think its a driver issue as these machines we are doing now are D510's and its intermittent some work and some dont..






                            I turned on store scans on the core and I grabbed some of the scans that have been comming in.



                            WINPE sends in a MINI Scan.. and it looks as if the pxe rep it self sending in a scan aswell which is weird..






                            These are the Three different types of Scans im seeing in the console.. 



                            Network - Pxeboot = Yes

                            Network - NIC Address = 00123FF77441

                            Network - TCPIP - Address =

                            LANDesk Management - PXE Holding Queue - Proxy Host Name =

                            LANDesk Management - PXE Holding Queue - Proxy NIC Address = 001372286367

                            LANDesk Management - PXE Holding Queue - Proxy ID = 76022






                            Network - Pxeboot = Yes

                            Network - NIC Address = 00065B7474FA

                            LANDesk Management - PXE Holding Queue - Proxy Host Name =

                            LANDesk Management - PXE Holding Queue - Proxy NIC Address = 001372286367

                            LANDesk Management - PXE Holding Queue - Proxy ID = 76022






                            The core still thinks these machines are OFF line... We tried a new PXE rep aswell.. Im thinking its something with the core.. How does the core discover the WINPE client ..?









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                              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                              What is probably happening is the Mini-scan's from the PXE Rep are coming in as different devices, which is odd.


                              See, in order to determine if you are in the PXE Holding queue, the PXE Rep send four soap requests that are also basic mini-scans.  None of these have an IP adddress, just a MAC address.  If you do a Store Scans, you should see them.


                              So it should never happen though I saw it happen once but could never duplicate, but all those scans should be the same device and not different devices.


                              So the device should exist when it PXE boots, without an IP, but then once the device boots to WinPE it should send in a miniscan with the correct IP which should update the same device and all should be well.


                              Obviously for this one platform type, something is breaking in that process.

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                                Its not working on multiple platforms... Sometimes it works fine but it still sends in to many records.  There are three Scans are showing up in the database... Even though during the PXE process it does 3 scans I should only see 1 in the console as Delete Duplicates are turned on.. Looks like this might be an inventory issue... We have 5 instances of the inventory service running...  Any ideas?









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                                  Jared Barneck SupportEmployee


                                  Is this working now?



                                  What is the state?



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                                    Thanks again for your help the other night! The LDsleep command worked like charm! For future reference to others reading this..  Adding the LDSLEEP command for 5 seconds right before the wait4ip command in the startnet.cmd file fixed this issue.




                                    PXE records are still showing up three times though.. I have a case open on this..




                                    Happy New Year!

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