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    Using roles to populate a field


      I would like to create a business object for 'Authorising manager' which would be filled in from the end users we have on the system. I can create a relationship with End User to implement this but i would like to only display a subset of the end users in the database (i.e. those which will have rights to authorise changes). Is there any way I can use roles for this purpose. The idea I had was to create a new 'authoriser' role, add the user I want to this and then select from these in the authorising manager window. Is this possible? I can't work out how you can transfer the information from roles into business objects.


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          That would probably work.  You could also add a flag to the user record saying if the person was an authoriser or not.  Either way you'll need to write a query or a filter on the business object which lists only those items you want to see.  A filter is often better if you spend the time getting it right as it works on all windows because it filters at the data level.  A query can be put in the property of a list in the windows manager and filetrs at the window level, so different windows can be given queries to use.


          OK so to look at writing filters/queries, you going to need to spend some time reading up on that.  The upgrade guide on the documentation CD has some fairly heavy, but useful sections on writing queries which only show the analysts who happen to be in a group selected at runtime.  Close to what you want and there are other filters that look at roles and so on.  I guess there might be some documents up here on the community too.