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    deploying mpkg.zip


      Hi all,


      i have Landesk V9 installed.

      Now Im trying to deploy a packge to a 10.5 mac.

      I recieve allway the error code 105, the files can't be downloaded.

      So try to open a browser on the target system and download the files by hand without any problem. That is also the same path in the distribution package.


      Can anyone help me please?


      thanks in advance

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          What version of the Mac agent are you using? Do you have the feb mini rollup and mac rollup installed? Is the agent the latest version? What kind of SWD task are you doing (Policy/Push)? Is the package location open to everyone? Is any part of the file being downloaded (check ../LANDesk/sdcache). Does the landesk.log show any errors?

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            JBnCO Apprentice



            I have been getting the same error except on a 10.6 Mac.  I have not seen this on my 10.5 clients.  It occurs as soon as the agent is deployed and doesn't correct itself unless you redeploy the agent to the client, even after a reboot




            Here are the patches/rollups I have installed:




            CR42522 - UserManagement.Business.dll

            CR44271 - Datamart.xml

            CR43638 - _DiscDll.dll (UDD scann patch)


            Type of push:


            Push: I get return code 105 - Error downloading package

            Policy - I get return code 16386 - Failed to install package


            Everyone has access to the http share.  The same package works on other machines or the same machine after a reinstall of the agent


            The file does get downloaded but when I try to open the extracted mpkg file, I get an error "Couldn't open "*.mpkg"."


            LANDesk.log has the following errors after the "CheckSpaceForInstall is ok!" statement:  sdclient : execute: '/usr/sbin/installer - allow -pkg '/%path to package%' -target "/" ' result =1

            sdclient Final result = 1

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              JBnCO Apprentice

              Just a follow up to previous post.  It appears to install the mpkg correctly.  The two files that get layed down are present even though LANDesk is reporting a failure.

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                Hi Snowman,


                Mac agent version: 9.0.1

                what is feb rollup?

                it is the latest version

                im trying with push and policy



                execute: '/usr/sbin/installer -allow -pkg '/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/sdcache/Sophos Anti-Virus.mpkg' -target "/"' result=1


                thanks in advance

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                  How are you packaging your mpkg? Keep in mind that windows machines see pkg and mpkg files as folders and so they mess up their permissions so they need to be packaged (zip, dmg, etc) before putting them on a windows box.


                  I just went out to the web and grabbed a mpkg file (I try to use different packages whenever I can). The first one I found was lightwright 5. I put the mpkg in a zip file and deployed it to 10.5 from my LD9 core without error. Is this happening to you with all your mpkg files or just one in particular?

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                    Good morning Snowman


                    The file was packged in a zip file.


                    one thing seems to be strange if i open the cashe folder the file seems to have not enough rights. see the attachment.

                    The agnet is downloading the file, unpack the file and then is nothging happens.


                    I have to say, we have severel sites(subnets). So the core is on subnet A und the clients where I trying to deploy the mpkg is on the subnet B.

                    We have installed a preferred server on subnet B and prepared the core to use it.

                    My fist step was to deploy a msi to win clients in this subnet.(I also used the direct path to the preferred server in the packge wizzard on landesk core, just for first testings). This step was successful.

                    The next step i wanted to do is deploying to a mac client.

                    For both steps I'm using a http path.


                    Any idea?

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                      From your screenshot it looks like your mpkg is messed up as it has a folder icon and the folder name has .mpkg in the name. It should have the same icon as the pkg file in your picture. If you download it manually to the client via http and unzip it does it look like a pkg file or does it still show up as a folder? Usually when mpkg files show up by folders it is because they were on a windows machine and had the permissions messed up.

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                        I just downloaded Sohpos Endpoint Security and Control for Mac 7.1 Stand Alone and Network Edition. They both came down as DMG files that have the mpkg inside them probably so if you download them on a windows machine the mpkg file doesn't get messed up. I threw the dmg on a perferred server and deployed it via policy and it installed without error. I think you really need to look at your mpkg file. Maybe download the dmg from Sophos again and deploy it in the dmg.

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                          Hi Snowman,


                          unfortunately i have still the same issue: Error downloading package: Return Code 105

                          Today i see nothing in in sdcache :-(

                          nothing is downloaded by the agent on mac.


                          Now i have tried some other apps like cyberduck.zip und Stuffit11Deluxe.dmg.


                          Any idea how i can find out where the problem is?

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                            Now i have installed the software to an other mac and it was installed seccefully.

                            So i hope that is only this client which is failling.



                            Thanks Snowman!

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                              JBnCO Apprentice



                              I saw the same thing yesterday.  On my Snow Leopard machine, it failed each time with 105 - error downloading package with a push and 16386 - failed to install package with a policy or policy supported push.  When pushed to my Leopard machine, the install completes without error.

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                                now i have reinstalled the agent on this mac and now everything works fine!

                                So try to install the agent again.

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                                  JBnCO Apprentice



                                  Thanks for the info.  I have tried that in the past and it has worked but yesterday I reinstalled the agent (and also wiped the agent off the box and did a fresh install) and still getting errors.  I'm going to try again this morning to see if there is any change.

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                                    I'm getting the same 105 error on Snow Leopard or constant hash errors even though I didn't change the package settings.