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    Multicast OSD: agent gets installed on 20% of machines?


      Last week I imaged 44 machines with a multicasted WINPE OSD job (Windows XP).  After getting them all back into windows, I noticed there were only 9 of the 44 active in the console, with an installed agent.  Two questions result:


      1) What can I do to ensure that every machine gets the agent installed at the end of the OSD job?  I have not had this problem in the past, when imaging fewer machines at one time.


      2) How can I get the agent on these machines?  They are not domain-joined.  Each machine has a password-protected administrator account.  I have not had luck with lddiscover, it fails when authenticating.  Likewise, trying to deploy the agent from the miniscan entries in the console fails as it cannot find the machine.