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    Scheduled Tasks Only Runs Every Other Scheduled Time Period.


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      I have setup a schedule to run a query weekly and e-mail the results to certain users who require the figures. The first week the query schedule ran as expected and all the users received the report as intended. The second week (10/05/10 at 00:01:00) didn't run, no errors, nothing processed by the schedule manager at all and the next time the query is set to run is on the 17/05/10 at 00:01:00. I have created a second schedule running the same query but set it to run hourly and send the e-mail to myself but it appears to skip every other hour on the schedule. It is supposed to run at half past the hour and instead today ran at 0530, then 0730 then 0930 then 1130 and so on. So only appears to be running on every other time period, consistent with the second week of my weekly query not running. I suspect that the query will run fine this coming week and the data will be sent as intended. However the following week it probably will not run based on my experience with setting the schedule to run hourly.


      Does anyone have any indications as to why the schedule manager is skipping every other time period in the schedule and how to fix it?


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      Anthony Mitchell

      The AA.