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    Refresh Test Database using Live Data


      I am looking to see what the issue would be for using a copy of the Live database imported into our Test area.


      Currently we are running 8.8 SP3 and want to test the upgrade to 9.0, but the Test database has less that 1% of the amount of data that our Live database has.


      Any help on this would be appreciated.




      ~Andy B

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Bit more info here will help.


          * What DBMS (Database Management System) are you using?

          - SQL Server?

          - Oracle?

          - SQL Express?


          There's no problem (particularly in 8.8) to just create a backup of the production DB and import it to your test server. You'd need to change a few values inside the database itself, but that's no biggie. I'm assuming you have a SQL resource here / are at least somewhat familiar with SQL yourself?


          How big is the production DB  versus the test DB? How many devices do they hold?


          One - common - mistake for people who use SQL Server is that they forget to change the "Recovery Model" from "Full" to "Simple". On a massively transactional DB like LANDesk is, this causes massive file-bloat ... make sure that this isn't what's causing you problems.


          If you have set the recovery model to "Full", just change it to "Simple" and shrink the DB, that should take care of it.


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.