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    Windows 7 Agent Deployment via Login Script


      Hi Community,


      We are trying to install a Landesk 9 prebuilt executable via login script. Unfortunately it won't install this way. The only way we have succeeded in getting it to install is by right clicking the file locally and selecting run as administrator.


      Obviously this is not ideal for far lying regions where a login script would work nicely. I have a feeling it may have something to do with Windows UAC.


      Any suggestions?

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          zman Master



          The login script does not elevate privileges, so if your users are not local admins this will not work - unless you have your core scheduler service running with a domain account that has local admin privileges.



          To configure the Scheduler login account
          1. Click Configure | Services and click the Scheduler tab.
          2. Click Change login.
          3. Enter a domain administrator username and password.
          4. Click OK
          5. Restart the scheduler service so the change takes effect. On the  Scheduler tab, click Stop, and once the service has stopped click  Start.