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    Application Distribution to a User?


      Hi, I'm a LANDesk noob (LDMS 9):


      Is it possible to target an application to a user?

      For example: the application XYZ is installed automatically on each computer as soon as user X logs on?


      Could the specified application be automatically removed N days after the last time user X was logged on?



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          The first part is easily answerable with "yes".


          What you do is you set up a policy and target it against an AD-user.


          This way, wherever the user logs on, when policies are checked (can be at logon, for instance), we check "does this machine need any policies? Does this user need any policies?" with the Core, and install items as needed.


          There is not in-built logic at present to uninstall applications after N days, and I'd bery very cautious with playing with anything like that. Automatic deletions / uninstalls tend to cause quite a few cases of burned fingers, but you could script something like that yourself, and just use the local scheduler to run the "check this and uninstall if needed" script/VB-script or whatnot.


          Just because the functionality itself isn't ther,e doesn't mean you can't use bits of LANDesk to help you achieve it.


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.