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    Sending reminder to a contact




      I would like to send an email to a distribution list every time a new problem is raised. How can I do this with a reminder? I only have the 'notify originator' and 'notify assignee' check boxes at the moment.





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          Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee

          Hi Oliver,


          I would recommend creating a Group under Administration and then add everyone that you would like to receive this email into this Group and make sure that they have the "Receive Group Message" ticked.


          You can then add an automatic "Add Reminder" in to the Process. Make sure that the "Notify Assignee" is ticked and that the created Group is selected in the "Group" drop down list. Also make sure that the "Is Active" tickbox is ticked.


          This will then send a notification to everyone in the selected Group when the Incident is going through the "Add Reminder" action in the Process.


          I hope this helps,


          Kind Regards,