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    Display the new view window on save


      A How To question!


      My scenario:


      I have two windows defined for incident.


      - New Incident

      - Update Incident


      My incident process  "Inc1"  have three status and actions


      Status: Open


      Action: Incident accepted


      Status: Accepted


      Action: Close


      Status: Closed



      The views is set up as:


      Process: Inc1

      Object state: New

      Action: any

      Window: New Incident


      Process: Inc1

      Object state: Update

      Action: Any

      Window: Update Incident


      End Scenario


      When I save the new incident the original window i " New Incident" is still there. How can I make the window change to the Window " Update  Incident".


      If I save and close the window. And open the incident again the window  "Update Incident" is populated. As expected.


      The system is not working consistently here is my opinion.


      Or is there a way to accomplish "change of window" without leaving the incident? Or refreshing the window so it will show the new window?