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    AV - virus infected report


      Dear All,


      Is there anyway to get the report for computer report which are infected by virus ?


      We are using AV report but this report only provide the result of quarantined system.


      We would like to get the report for the following items.


      1. Virus quarantined/ Infected date

      2. Virus infected system Host name and IP address

      3. Virus name

      4. Virus type

      5. Current status ( cured quarantined or  just infected ... )

      6. Source


      Also if possible, any client PC has infected, automatically send the alert to admin through e-mail.

      I think "Alert system " can do this, but I don't know how to set this. If anyone has experience, please share your experience. Thanks in advance.



      First time, I thought each time AV found virus then automatically quarantine, but I found some of system couldn't cure so quarantine task failed. See the attached screen shot. So I would like to see all computer list which had infected virus whether virus quarantined or not.







      John Hyun