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    Provisioning Error - Win XP Unattended


      We use ldms 9.0 and try to create a provisioning template for windows xp sp3.

      Everything works fine til executing the installation script for the unattended installation.

      After the unattended reboots, landesk provisioning doesnt carry on.

      During the registering components section of the OS installation, i can see a file copy process, and a c:\

      $win_nt$.~BT folder exists. But there is no c:\ldprovision folder and i can also not manually restart the provisioning process.

      i attached a screenshot of the provisioning history from this task.

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            some extended informations to this case:

            - vcredist_x86.exe and cba8inst.msi were successfully installed during unattended's "registering components"

            - the actions.ini file in the %programfiles%\landesk\shared files\cbaroot folder contents following:


            AUTHORIZECBA8="C:\Programme\LANDesk\Shared Files\rainstall.exe" /authorize

            ALERTCAB8=""C:\Programme\LANDesk\Shared Files\alert.exe" -Q

            landesk.provisioning=C:\ldprovisioning\ldProvision.exe -c <CORESERVER>


            START=2010-05-18 09:44:28

            STOP=2010-05-18 09:42:06



            But there is no ldprovisioning folder in c:\


            On our core server in the ldlogon\provisioning\windows folder the win_prov_files.xml contents following:

                <file >\ldlogon\Provisioning\Windows\ldProvision.exe</file>
                <file >\ldlogon\Provisioning\Windows\prov_user.exe</file>
              <file >\ldlogon\Provisioning\Windows\Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest</file>
              <file >\ldlogon\Provisioning\Windows\msvcm90.dll</file>
              <file >\ldlogon\Provisioning\Windows\msvcp90.dll</file>
              <file >\ldlogon\Provisioning\Windows\msvcr90.dll</file>
                <file >\ldlogon\cba8inst.msi</file>
                <file >\ldlogon\ldms.vroot</file>
                <file >\ldlogon\rainstall.exe</file>
                <file >\ldlogon\lclxsvc.dll</file>
              <file >\ldlogon\libeay32.dll</file>


              <file >\ldlogon\vcredist_x86.exe</file>
              <file >\ldlogon\antivirus8\Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest</file>


              <file copydir="%systemroot%\system32">\ldlogon\antivirus8\msvcr80.dll</file>
              <file copydir="%systemroot%\system32">\ldlogon\antivirus8\msvcp80.dll</file>
              <file copydir="%systemroot%\system32">\ldlogon\nts.dll</file>
              <file copydir="%systemroot%\system32">\ldlogon\pds.dll</file>
                <file copydir="%systemroot%\system32" expanded="cba.dll" >\ldlogon\cba.dl_</file>
                <file copydir="%systemroot%\system32" expanded="msgsys.dll" >\ldlogon\msgsys.dl_</file>
                <file copydir="%systemroot%\system32" expanded="msgsys.exe" >\ldlogon\msgsys.ex_</file>
                <file copydir="%systemroot%\system32\cba" precopycmd="mkdir %systemroot%\system32\cba" expanded="pds.exe" >\ldlogon\pds.ex_</file>


            I manually created a c:\ldprovisioning folder and copied the provisioning files there. when i start "C:\ldprovisioning\ldProvision.exe -c <CORESERVER>", the provisioning doesn't continue automatically and i am asked for credentials. choosing manually a template doesnt work also, because it starts with the first actions and fails accordingly.


            Any suggestions to solve this problem?

            Thanks & regards,