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    Help creating v9 custom report


      This is the first time I've tried creating a custom report in v9. I'm trying to create a report to show the filename, location, size and owner of every PST file on client hard drives. I performed the steps in this article:




      Then I installed JDK 6, and installed iReport Professional 3.6.0. I hope I'm missing something, but this method to create custom reports isn't very user friendly.It looks like I need to create a template in report Designer, but before that I have to create another database instance, etc? What happened to easy custom reports?


      Can someone please give me the rundown to insure I have it setup correctly?



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          I originally couldn't find the scanned filenames thus trying to use custom reports; but I found them under Computer > Software > Package. I set the "Computer"."Software"."Package"."Name" operator to =, and manually entered a value of *.PST to find all PST files, clicked Add, then clicked OK.


          Step 1 now shows "Computer"."Software"."Package"."Name" = "%.PST", not sure why it changed the asterisk to a percent. symbol. I fill out step 2 and step 3 and run the query, and it tells me Nothing was found based on your query". The query works fine if I select a specific PST filename instead of using the wildcard.


          What am I doing wrong?