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    softmon.exe CPU utilization after 8.8 SP4


      Hello,  I wander if anyone else has ran into this. After we upgraded our Core from 8.8 SP3 to SP4 and our clients ran security scans which triggered vulscan self update we've notices that on ALL clients softmon.exe jumped from 0 to 8 - 50 % CPU utilization. We finally figured out that it was related to Mcafee Virus Scan 8.7. Mcafee is a standard antivirus on our campus and installed on all of our client computers (yes, all 9000 of them!!!).


      We tried to setup exclusions for all the LANDesk processes with no luck. At this point we are completely out of ideas. I should mention that I did open a case with tech support and they are looking into it. Meanwhile, we start taking more and more calls on this issue.


      I was wandering if anyone else has seen this and perhaps has a solution or a work around.


      Thanks in advance.