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    provisioning - map drive fails


      Hello All,


      I am working on provisioning and it failed my first time around. So I have decided to take it step by step to see what has gone wrong.


      I can get it to wipe and format a drive and assigned it as “C” drive, however I cannot map a drive from the server to the C drive.


      The following shows on the window called LANDesk Provisioning Agent:


      Connect to core: (server name)
      Loading Template
      action index=573

      Error:[800001803H]The action failed.

      Execute result:




      Any clue?


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          Is the path to the folder in there properly?




          Are you using credentials that have access to that share?

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            Yes, I have done a net use from a command prompt with a test PC to the share with the same credentials…I am just at a loss on this one...

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              Did you ever fix this issue, all of a sudden I'm running into the same problem. The strange thing is when I remove the source mapping to the ldlogon share the mapping runs fine.



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                Unsure what is going on in your script.  Take a look at some samples that I wrote a while ago






                They are from 8.8 timeframe.  For some newer samples, look at what Joe Nunes created




                Sometimes, starting fresh helps


                Johnn W

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                  The first thing you'll probably want to try for troubleshooting this is to track down the error code listed.  To do that find the Return value listed (in this case 1326).  Then you can either google System Error Codes (which I always do) or just bookmark this link:



                  From there you can drill down to your return code of 1326 and see what the system returned.  In this case it's Bad username or password.


                  You'll probably want to double check your username and password in the action (or their variables, if that's how it's being done).  This result comes straight from the OS and is not tweaked by us, so for most actions you can just use the list above.


                  On some actions, such as LANDesk actions (scan system, distribute software, install agent, etc.) or some non-system actions (execute file, for example) the exit code may not be a Windows system exit code, so this method won't always work in that situation.  What I'll usually do is look up the error code first and see if it seems at all relevant to the problem at hand.  In this case mapping a drive is definitely a system call, and bad username or password seems very relevant.


                  Hope this helps not only with this problem, but troubleshooting provisioning action results in general.


                  Let me know if you have any questions about this process.



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                    tdavenport Specialist

                    I have the exact same problem. The problem with looking for a return code is that Provisioning shows it as being successful. It even shows a mapped drive. However, you cannot access it. The drive show as inaccessible and gives the error: Login Failure: unknown user or bad password. You cannot delete the drive either. Only a reboot will clear the bad mapped drive. It is not a credentials issue per se. I am providing the correct user name and password. I'm thinking it has something to do with the provisioning task running as local system and my map drive command providing credentials.


                    Win 7 64bit


                    This could be related as well. Mapping a drive before the OS is finalized, is not a problem. In my case, the OS is already fully provisioned. this is a System Configuration action.


                    Any ideas?

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                      Hi Lee,


                      We had the same error, it came from a credentials issue.

                      We changed the credentials by puting the FQDN\account instead of the Domain\account to map the drives.

                      Hope it can help.