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    Can not schedule Software Distribution after switch cores


      I have multiple cores in my enviornment.  We are currently running LANDesk 9 and I saw this issue in 8.8 as well.  If I have the LANDesk Management Suit open and I switch it to another core using the Core pulldown in the upper right hand corner, then try to schedule a new Software Distribution Task, I get an error saying "A software distribution task must have a valid name, a main distribution package, and a delivery method".   I have triple checked and verified that information is in place.  If I close the management suite, reopen it to the core I was just having the problems with and create the same task, it will work.  It happens about 85% of the time that I switch cores.


      Anyone else run across this and have a fix (apart from close my suite everytime I want to change cores)?

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          zman Master

          This has been an issue since 8.x and in my guestimation is a caching issue with the Console.  I have the luxury of having multiple desktops and I run the console on each desktop and RDP into them. If you put it in an ER concerning a 32 bit unified console (e.g., can list all cores/objects in a collapsible tree like view from one instance) I will give you 3 points. I've asked too many times to put in an ER. Switching is not the answer. I even asked as a intermediate solution if they would take out the single instance flag so we could run multiple consoles on one workstation, or package the console up in Thinapp and have multiple instances. Sigh....