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    Macintosh agent on a image

    JBnCO Apprentice

      I have not found this information on any posts so I thought I would share with the community.  Putting the LANDesk agent on a image is pretty simple and will save time going forward.  There was a post that explained that every time you update the agent, you would have to refresh the image but my plan is to use patch manager to keep the agents up to date with service packs and such.


      Two files need to be deleted:



      "/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/data/baseline.plist"


      The only file that is actually required to be deleted is the com.landesk.uuid.plist but I found that if the baseline.plist is not deleted, the inventory scanner will only do a delta, causing a error scan because it is out of sync and taking two scans to appear in the database.