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    Internet History


      I am looking for ways to get the Internet History from a PC and put it into the LANDesk Inventory for reporting purposes.


      I have found that (for IE at least) the history is stored in files on the file system. Typed URLs are stored in the registry but if you go to a website via a link or a Favorite, that is not.


      Has anyone done this or have an idea on how it could be done?


      Preferably for all commonly used browsers but if someone has done this for one particular browser only, I would be interested in hearing about that too.



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          Couldn't you import their favorites so you would at least know what they are?

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            This would be a lot of data to store (and send) in inventory and because of the ever-changing data-type would be very difficult to rely on. You should be looking at network devices to track web usage such as a proxy server or other filtering type device (out of my area of expertise so I could be using the wrong terminology).

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              We use Websense. But I could see why someone would try to find another way to get this information rather than purchasing a proxy/web filter...$$$. Before Websense we used the logs from our firewall. Users had to enter their username and password to authenticate in order to reach the web (company use to only allow certain people to surf). Since they had to login the logs contained usernames and we could filter the logs by username. Their are some inexpensive proxy servers and several free on sourceforge.net. You can also use opendns.com. It is also free and logs all internet traffic just by changing your external DNS to their IP's. I used it for awhile at work and still use at home to keep the kids honest

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                I would heartily recommend going with something like Chad's recommendation above (great suggestions in there).


                Trying to pull something like Internet History into Inventory is - theoretically - possible, but very much a bad idea. You'd end up with masses of data that you can't really report on well or query on particularly well ... and it'd bloat your database quite a bit.


                You'd be spending more time managing your data (or trying to do so), rather than doing anything productive - and something like the opendns idea sounds very much perfect for what you're after?


                - Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                  Thanks for the good ideas so far. I may use these for internal users, however I should have been more clear in my requirements.


                  I am looking for a way to track the sites that remote users (i.e. ones reporting through the Gateway) are going to. These users could be anywhere so I don't think a DNS server will work for them.


                  I understand that there are concerns about storing this data in the LANDesk database, but assuming I still want to do that, does anyone have any ideas how?



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                    Websense has a remote agent that still forces users to go through the proxy at work (in DMZ) and it works from anywhere.