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    Assigning Child Incidents




      I am looking to re-assign a ticket when it is linked as a child or removed from its parent.


      So far I have not seen how I can do this (if I can). Would anyone be able to shed any light, or give me some pointers if they have done a similar thing themselves?




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          If the Incident is at a defined point in it's lifecycle could you have a pre-condition that uses a calculation to determine if it has any parent's or children? If it does then perform an assignment operation?

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            Hi Stephen,


            From what you have suggested, if I am reading it right, is to add a precondition to check for a parent (i have one in place to limit optional actions), and then have an assignment if a parent exists. At present we only use the standard Open/Resolved/Closed statuses. The assignment would subsequently execute each time. I think I'll need an additional status for when it has been set as a child, so that it does not loop round automatically. (That could be interesting!)


            Thanks for your suggestion. I'll go and do some testing.



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              Not quite sure I understand your approach - but you're correct about pre-condition and assignment. What you can do is look at Parents (or Childs) collection relating to your Incident (possibly using a calculation) and see if it has any entries. If it does then by definition you have a Parent (or a Child) and then you can re-assign.


              You can loop back from a pre-condition and a follow on assignment back to the originating status with no issues. Where you will have an issue is that if you want to be able to perform this operation on the Incident when the Incident is in more than one status then you will have to add the pre-condition/assignment pair to each applicable status. SD currently doesn't allow you to share bits of process easily (which is why I have less hair than I used to.....).


              Hope that helps.


              Kind regards,



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