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    Upgrade from 7.3.0 to 7.3.2




      Has anyone experience doing the above upgrade?


      I've gone through the upgrade document which seems ok and I'll be doing an upgrade on UAT first.


      Can 7.3.2 be installed on top of 7.3.0? Or do I have to a full uninstall?


      Appreciate any pointers!

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          Hi Ross,

          i would recommend uninstalling 7.3, making a backup of the config files such tps.config, console.exe.config etc.  Ensure all the services have been cleanly uninstalled as well.  This should pave the way for a smooth install of 7.3.2.  In theory it is possible to install 7.3.2 without having to uninstall but I have experienced that is sometimes not the case so better to save the time and just uninstall old and install new.  If you are installing it on a Win 2008 server machine I would recommend searching the forum for common issues found on that OS.  Common pitfalls such as the UCA can be pain if all you get is a error code at the last stage of installation. ugh!


          If you do stumble across any issues please do share and we will be glad to help.


          Good luck,


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            I'd agree.  Backup config files, uninstall, tidy up, reinstall and put config files back.

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              I would suggest you update the content of new files instead of just overwriting the new files with the old ones. This is becasue the content of the config files can change over a release