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    Another AV product is installed after v9 upgrade


      I am attempting to upgrade a few clients from 8.8 SP4 with LANDesk AV to 9.0, with LANDesk AV. Installing the agent on a clean OS without any prior LD agent (including AV) works fine. Installing the new agent on a machine which had an 8.8 agent and I get:


      "Another antivirus product is installed. To avoid compatibility issues, LANDesk(R) Antivirus service will not start"


      I have noticed that my agents have an different AV scan engine versions of:

      • 8.8 SP4 AV engine =
      • 9.0 AV Engine =


      Seems to me like the 9.0 AV engine should be higher than the 8.8 engine? Am I missing a patch already?