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    Service Desk 7.4 ?


      Any news about 7.4 ? The last I heard was a July time frame, but that was awhile ago.


      Management was asking so I thought I'd throw out a discussion.......

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          We're in the same situation.


          I've seen a few tiny screenshots of the re-vamped ServicePortal. I'm extremely keen to seen more on it and the improvements over the existing one.


          Are there any data sheets etc available? I've not come across any

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            Hi Guys,


            Version 7.4 of LANDesk Service Desk is scheduled for Q4 this year.  You are right, it is going to include (amongst many other things) a web Self-Service offering on the Web Access platform that Web Desk uses and a new Service Catalog feature.  Further details of exactly what is being included will be released nearer the time.


            If you'd like to get your hands on it earlier, the Beta testing is due to start in Q3 and further information on how to be a Beta test site will be provided here on Community in due course.





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              Thanks Lara.  I'll pass this information along......