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    Dependent Packages




      I´m using LM9.0 !

      I have create a package that installs, for example, Openoffice 3.2 !

      That works fine !

      But I have PC´s, which have already installed Openoffice 3.x !

      I have create a package that uninstalls the older Versions, and have this package placed on the first package as dependency.

      That also works fine. Before he installs 3.2 he unstalls older versions.

      Now come´s my Problem -- I will ask the user if I can update his Openoffice.

      The question is not the problem, but LD executes the dependency before he comes to the question.

      Means, when LD ask to update the older version has already been uninstalled.


      Has anyone an idea ?


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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Well - part of the problem is in your approach.


          A Pre-requisite is - specifically - "you MUST have run this before attempting to install the main package" - so that's why you're seeing what you're seeing.


          You COULD probably make your life a lot easier and use a batch-based approach to this (where you can do your own "asking" / "detecting" as needed, and start relevant files/scripts based on what you get out of that?


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Ok - that´s what I have done since the last two years.

            Now I have buy a very highend Software and I will use all features !


            I know that I can script everything, but in LD it schould be more comfortable, the seller said !

            I can´t believe that anybody who uses LD do such normal things - uninstall old version - install new version - wrote therefore

            his own scripts !


            (excuse my english ;-)


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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              The point I was making was that there was a flaw in your logic of approaching the problem - and the suggestion I offered would have meant the least changes for you / your current setup of distribution.


              There's a lot of DIFFERENT methods you could be doing - for instance, you could just use dynamic queries for the relevant tasks.


              Have one query which targets devices that have the old software installed - and have this package include the uninstall routine.


              Another query which targets devices without that older software installed - and have this use a package which only installs the new one, for instance.


              There's lots of different ways to get things done, the problem is that they deviate from what you have set up "as is", and since I don't know how many tasks or whatnot we're talking about, I usually try to err in regards to causing the least upheaval to existing architecture of your solution.


              - Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical lead.

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                Ok, I understand and I think there is a solution / or a workaround  - in LD that resolves my problem.

                The queries can be a solution. But I not sure if they are fast enough.

                I will describe my enviroment.

                I have over 800 computers that I want to update the Open Office.

                Therefore I have to uninstall the old version first.

                While the uninstallation and installation uses some time, before the user can use his Software again, I will ask him before, if I could update his Software, so he can say please later. My company produced a newspaper, so the time could be very interestant at which time I update.


                Now, I have a question, because I´m not sure how LD works here ! 

                When my first querie uninstalls the old Version, and I place a second querie to install the new Version, how much time use the querie, still he find the clients that have uninstalled the old version ?

                Can I influence the time !


                Thank you very much for your help !

                yours Mikel

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  For query evaluation, check this comment of mine (and the one above it by Aaron Scott):

                  - http://community.landesk.com/support/message/45722#45722


                  That should help you get that sorted out.


                  However, you shouldn't really need it. Let me clarify what I had in mind.


                  You need to have TWO scheduled tasks / two packages configured:

                  TASK A - one for dealing with the scenario that you need to uninstall the old version and then install the new.

                  TASK B - one fore dealing with the scenario that you ONLY need to install.


                  This way, you also have two (separate) queries.


                  One query to identify who has the "old version" of the software (to go with TASK A), so that this will fire off an uninstall + re-install as needed.


                  Another query to identify who doesn't have the software in the first place, so that this one will fire off the "just install" package.




                  You are right that the query evaluation could otherwise cause problems (in this case you would need to fire off an inventory scan too, since the Core doesn't update itself), which could be built into the relevant batch as well. But I think you will be easier off doing it the way I describe it here - this way you've got both scenarios covered - seperately - and can affect them seperately (may save some problems further down the line).


                  Hope this helps .


                  - Paul Hoffmann

                  LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                    Thanks a lot for help !

                    But there is a missunderstanding.
                    My Problem was, that the user who has already installed an older Version of the Program had to first uninstall the Program.
                    But when I place the question - Do you want a new version of the programm ? - in the paket, and the dependent is - you must first uninstall the old version !
                    The question comes up, the old version has already been uninstalled !
                    That I have to place two tasks, one for a new installation and one for an update is right.
                    For my understanding it is a bug, that the dependency has been executed bevor the question of the parent paket has been asked.
                    Or when it´s no bug then, I think it´s a very good Idea, to place an option button
                    I have now resolved my problem, so I start the installation without any questions at the login !
                    Best regards
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                      phoffmann SupportEmployee

                      Ah - now I see.


                      In this case, it's not so much "a bug" in so far as "the way it is designed doesn't work too well for how you want to use it".


                      The pre-requisite package is generally seen as a "this MUST be done before you think of running the package" stuff, so this is going to be done in a bit of a draconian fashion. It's not so much a defect as much as it would need to be logged as an enhancement request by you for the behaviour to be changed.


                      This may seem like splitting hairs, but there's a perceived difference between "doesn't work as advertised" versus "doesn't work as expected", the latter being a problem in design vs your personal expectations.


                      In general I'd agree with your take on things, and I do think it would be a good improvement to have it that way - but it will need to go in via an Enhancement Request.


                      You can log Enhancemenr Requests here:

                      - http://community.landesk.com/support/community/featurerequests


                      Here's instructions on how they should look like:

                      - http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7223



                      If you feel that the question has been answered to your satisfaction, can you mark the thread as such? Cheers . That will make it more useful for others who may be searching on similar things for the future.


                      I would also include a link to your Enhancement Request, if/when you log it .



                      - Paul Hoffmann

                      LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead