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    Decision not working


      Can someone please give me an idea why a Decision isn't working? I'm a newbie and am working on the training guide that we got at a recent training session.  I have built the process but when it gets to the decision it bypasses it.  I have created it 10 times and our Development engineer has gone through as well and we still can't work it out


      Novice !!!!

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          Which condition is giving you grief?  If it involevs a boolean, I'd recommend making sure the default value is set in the Object Designer rather than left to chance.

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            Hi There

            In Objec tDesigner  the DataType is set as a Boolean

            When I test it it doesn'task me the question?

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              Which decision?  A screen shot would help of that bit of the process and the decision you have created.  Did you check to see if the boolean being used has a default value in object designer?

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                Hi Dave

                Thanks for being patient!!!


                I have attached a screen print, It's the Internal Staff condition that is causing the problem.

                There is no mention in this excercise, of setting the default value? So i haven't done anything with that.

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                  aparker Employee

                  Hello both,


                  Evie, if you don't set the default value in Object Designer, when you run your process and you get to the form that displayes the boolean, if you don't touch the tick box at all, then the database will record the value as Null and not either True or False. To test if this is the case, run your process and tick and then un-tick the boolean, this will set it to be a value of False and the decision should work.


                  What Dave has said is actually the correct approach and that is to go to the boolean attribute in Object Designer and give it a default value. This will saved if you don't touch the tick box. The other method to ensure it is correctly populated is to make it a mandatory field on the form. This will force you to click on it even if you want it to be unchecked.



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                    Hi Andy

                    When I run the process the Internal Staff condition is not coming up, it jumps directly to Add External Equipment. 

                    No worries though I'll have another go and we'll see what happens


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                      aparker Employee

                      Where do you display the check box that determines whether the new staff member is internal or external? A screen shot of the main process form would be helpful.



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                        Hello All

                        Thank you so much for your help and suggestions, but it looks like this problem was actually in the excercise literature.  I was expecting to see the window come up where I had placed it in the process, but it's supposed to appear on the first page, DOH !  How I was supposed to know that is anyone's guess, but hey ho onward and upward.

                        Thanks again, no doubt I will be back