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    Category Drop down size

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      I'm trying to find whereabouts to change the width and depth of a category drop down list on our main incident window. I want to avoid the scroll bars appearing as much as possible



      It's a category list that is 2 levels deep and we need to be able to see as many of the first level list items as possible in the height of the list and the whole length of the entries in the width


      It is currently be displaying 10 entries, which is set at the system settings level but I could do with this drop down being longer and wider (not the others)


      Apparently there's a limit on the filter but I don't think this applies to my list


      There is no default query on my object either so maybe this is an option?



      Version 7.2.3



      thanks for your help (pdf attached)



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          Hi Jason,


          I think that you can easily change the dimensions of the box in "Window Manager" (Designers>Window Manager>Incident Management>Incident)

          Just highlight the component that you want to amend and use the mouse to change the size...





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            jasoncadman Expert

            Hi Eric


            It wasn't the size of the box itself, but the drop down box and the dimensions of that are the problem. And ultmately the number of entries I can see in the drop down list so I don't have to scroll to the right and to the bottom of the list






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              To change the number of records displayed you have to modify the query.

              Designers>Query and Report Designer, find out which query is assigned to

              the field/window in question and select it. Under "Query" select "General" and on the

              properties page you can then change "No. Records Displayed". Not sure how to do the same with

              lists/categories though...

              There is another option under Settings>System>Workspace>"Default Drop Down Page Size" - this might help as well

              unless overridden at Filter Query level.



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                jasoncadman Expert

                I've had the final answer from LANDesk on this and it's not possible. Even in the latest version. Enhancement request by the sounds of things.


                thanks for your suggestions though



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                  Additional info


                  There is the option for changing the drop down width in 7.3.2.


                  In Window Manager, if you click on the properties of the drop down list that you want to change the width of, click Properties and the option you need is Size Dropdown to Control Width. If you set this to true it will expand the dropdown to the width of the field