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      Since upgrading to 7.3.2 we are getting timed out in about 5-10 minutes. Before the upgrade I had been able to sort this out, and we had been running smoothly, but now it is a different story. I have gone through all of the tech docs in case I have missed something, and still both Portal and Console sessions timeout.


      I have got round the Portal to a degree by having the page refresh every 3 minutes. But this cannot be done to the IPCForms page, as this would cause problems respectively.


      Both IIS and the web.config's have been updated to allow a timeout of 240 minutes as we had previously. Would anyone be able to point out an obvious thing I must have missed, as I've spent a good few days looking at this, and even with all my years using IIS and .Net applications, I have run out of ideas.





      ** I even got asked with we could go back to our old system, which was worse than passing bits of paper round!