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    Inventory and Scheduler Services and COM + applications stop working if LANDesk is idle


      This issue has become increasingly annoying.


      I have a service account configured in both the inventory and scheduler services as well as both the LANDesk and LANDesk1 COM+ Applications.


      After a time of landesk being idle some combiniation of the services and the com+ apps loose their mind and forget the service account settings, thats the best way I can explain it. I notice this mostly in the morning. I will come in and fire up the management console and I get that message to wait because not all the services have started yet. The system has not rebooted, but even if it did the system idle process has hours of CPU time.


      Usualy the inventory service is stopped completely and some times the scheduler service goes with it. Also both com+ apps are stoped.


      So here is how I fix the issue. I try to just start the services or com+ apps and I receive their respective errors stating that they could not start due to a log in error. I go into the properties of each and I re-INPUT, not reset, the password for the service account. Once I do this the services and com+ apps will start up and everything is cool until the next morning or if no one works with LANDesk for a long time durning the day.


      The account is not disabled or locked out I have checked it on each of our domain controllers to make sure its not locked out on one and not the other, all sorts of things like that I have checked.


      PLEASE HELP I'm pulling my hair out.