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    Imaging now fails after 8.8 SP4 is applied

    THogland Apprentice

      We were happily using SP3 for imaging (tweaked per the HII 9.1 docs); after applying SP4 imaging stopped working. Looking at http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-10364 fixed part of the problem, and showed I never applied LD-88-VCUpdate-08-09 (which I did before applying the -10364 patch). Now, imaging jobs start, and the image is applied, but the next command (sdclient /f /o /dest="x:\ldclient\diskinfo.exe" /p="http://%custjobhostip%/landesk/files/diskinfo.exe") errors, and the imaging job exits, leaving the system in WinPE. I ran the command manually, and got a Visual C++ Runtime error - abnormal program termination.


      Checked the server - applied the latest Windows updates (.Net patches), rebooted, retried and hangs at the same spot. Interestingly, typing the sdclient command in a console gives no error, just doesn't DO anything. Checked the source path (browser from another PC), and diskinfo.exe is there and accessible.


      The other change with SP4 is, the image (~8GB) that took ~12 minutes to apply with SP3 takes ~35 minutes with SP4. I thought it was the startrom.0 problem, but the PXE image still takes less than a minute to download, so it shouldn't be that.


      I dug through the support site, but I'm not finding anything like this to give me a direction to go...


      Anything I'm missing? A patch, an update, a goat to sacrifice...