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    Windows 7 & RunAs




      I have some packages that don't want to install as local system (AutoCAD and our GIS software for example). Up till now i used AutoIT and used the runas command to install them silently. Now we are planning to migrate to windows 7 and UAC prevents the runas command to work. Does anyone know a way to work around this issue?


      A run-as feature in LANDesk itself would be nice, or is that too much to ask?



      thanks for your replies



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          You can specify to use "Current User's rather that local system, but the current logged in user would have to have the appropriate rights to perform the install.


          Alternatively, I just read a few articles that say this works. I haven't tried it though.


          runas /user:REQUIREDUSERNAME /savecred c:\PATH\TO\APP.exe

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            zman Master

            Try using




            In your Autoit script.

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              wow, that was simple :-)

              with the #requireadmin, everything works fine an without prompts


              thanks Zman :-)

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                I was a bit quick to reply. The issue is not solved. The command in the runas does not execute with elevetad permissions.


                The AutoIt script I deploy now looks like this:

                (it's just an example i'm using to test this stuff. I open notepad with elevated permissions, and it requires elevated permissions to close it)


                runas("user", "domain", "password", @comspec & " /c " & "taskkill /im notepad.exe", @scriptdir, @sw_hide) 


                When i try this, the user won't get a pop-up but notepad won't close. If i try the following, notepad will close but the user gets prompted for permission.


                Script 1:


                runas("user", "domain", "password", "script2.exe", @scriptdir, @sw_hide) 

                Script 2:

                run(@comspec & " /c " & "taskkill /im notepad.exe",@scriptdir, @sw_hide) 



                Anyone have another suggestion?